Looking for an experienced freelance writer?

Hello! I’m a freelance journalist and copywriter in Carlisle, Cumbria with bylines in the UK national press, international outlets, and all over the web.

I work with charities, content agencies and everyone in between. As well as freelance news and features, I create web content, how-to guides and blog posts. I can lead print and digital projects from conception to launch, on time and to budget. See my portfolio or Get in touch!

What I do

I specialise in turning tricky subjects into fun, helpful or engaging content. For instance, I demystify personal finance, banking products and student finance: it’s money without the migraine.

Services & skills

  • Writing blog posts, reported features and data-led stories
  • Writing and successfully placing press releases and case studies in national and local press
  • Planning surveys and finding stories in data
  • Flatplanning, scheduling and creating magazine content on time and within budget
  • Proofreading & developmental editing, including for multiple departments and authors
  • Creating standalone websites and editing stakeholder content
  • Managing digital content with WordPress, Umbraco, HTML, CSS, Google Analytics / Trends and more
  • Image and photo editing (PhotoShop, DarkTable, AI models)
  • AI prompt engineering and content editing
  • CSS, HTML, JS and React: here’s a site I built to illustrate police stop and search stats.